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      Split Rail Farms is located in Penngrove (next to beautiful Petaluma), California. Our farm is just an hour north of San Francisco, in beautiful Sonoma county. We raise Nubian goats, heritage breeds of chickens, Tunis and Black Welsh Mountain sheep, and Old Spot Pigs. We strive to raise happy healthy animals in a sustainable manner.

   To see what farm products we have available now take a look at our For Sale page. 

    Our family has diverse interests and everyone finds something they enjoy here. My husband Ben is a chef and works on recipes using our farm fresh products. He is currently planting our orchard, berry patch and vegetable garden.  My dad, Robert, enjoys working on all the building projects.  My mom, Maria is an avid Gardner. And my mother in law Cathy is the project master, who helps us stay on task. My son's Emmett and Wesley are great heardsmen and construction assistants. And baby Coraline observes for now. I am known as the GoatGal.                                                                      **  “Oh, look, a Chicken.”  **   

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