We have a few different breeds of sheep; including Tunis and Black Welsh Mountain Sheep. These two breeds are Heritage breeds that are listed with the american livestock breed conservitory. They are both known for being hearty, good mothers and to have excelant flavor. The Tunis breed is listed with the Slow Food arch of taste. The Tunis mutton is so wonderful that it tastes like lamb of other breeds. Sheep are the most kept livestock animals in the world. They have many uses; meat, wool, hides, and even milk. We are currently selling yarn, tanned hides, and meat from our flock. We also have breeding stock for sale, Tunis & Black Welsh Mountain Sheep, Lambs Ewes and Rams.

Cotati Pasture; Split Rail Family Farms is currently running a few sheep in the City owned Historic Farm in Cotati right across from City Hall. Currently our mixed breed ewes and pure bred Tunis sheep are there. Feel free to contact us by email if you have any questions.                                                                           

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