Black Mesa Calamity Jane

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Black Mesa Calamity Jane


Black Mesa Calamity Jane

Date of Birth: 2/18/10

Dam: Black Mesa Cory’s Rosemary

Sire:Jacobs Pride Show Me Zanzibar

Color: Brown with white spots, and black boots.


Kidding History

2011 June 1st buck/doe Twins (Split Rail Farms Gingham)

2012 May 11th Triplets 1 doe 2 bucks

2013 June 3ed Triplet Bucks

2014 March 23ed Twin Does (Split Rail Farms Savannah

2015 triplets 1 doe 1 buck + (1 still) (doe retained on our farm Dandelion)

2016: 1 doe 1 Buck

2017: twin. Bucks 


Better Pic coming soon. I was so lucky to get Rosie’s only doe kid of the year. To show my happiness of this fabulous opportunity I named her after myself, but we’ll call her Calamity, and she dose seem particularly attached to me. I knew Janey was something special, and apparently so did the one of the judges. She took Reserve Grand Champion Junior Nubian. He said it was a close call for Grand, and gave grand to a dry yearling. I can’t express my happiness in her. Every Day she looks better and better. As a four year old I am very pleased to say she is milking very well and has the best rear extension in her udder. She has become my favorite doe, she is calm and sweet and quiet.


Show Record: Reserve Grand Champion Junior Doe 2010 at REDGA


Janie won’t hold still for her photo to be taken


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