Black Mesa Annie Oakley

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Black Mesa Annie Oakley


Black Mesa Annie Oakley

Date of Birth: 2/15/10

Dam: Jacobs Pride Marlyn Mondoe

Sire: Reuel Rhesa’s jj Rio Grande

Color: Brown with white patches.


Kidding History

2011 June 8th buck/doe Twins

2012 April 26th twins 2 does

2013 June 3ed 1 doe 1 buck

2014 Triplets: 2 bucks 1 doe (doe retain on our farm Forest)

2015 Feb 26 Twins 2 does

2016: 1 doe 2 Bucks

2017 Single buck


Annie is one of the best looking kids I have ever seen. She is gorgeous. She has a good amount of ear control, so her long ears stick out most of the time, and she looks perplexed and curious all the time. She is developing into a beautiful Junior doe. She is very friendly but more polite than her pal Janey.


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