AMF Gravenstein Apple

Date of Birth: 3/15/2007

Dam: Steele Ballew LilCloveofGarlic

Sire: Lost Valley KW Stetson *S

Color: tan with white belt


Apple is our herd queen and has the job of teaching the dogs who is boss. When I first looked into getting Nigerian Dwarf Goats this was the goat I had my eye on. She has the disposition of a wise graceful lady. She is long bodied and sharp. She has a nice slope in her rear, and good rear leg angulation. She is a little narrow in the hips. She had her first freshening in July 2008, which we retained her doeling Peanut Butter Cup out of.  I am really happy with her attachment, and capacity. This picture is of her when she was carrying her twins in 2008. She is producing so much milk this year, I am so happy with her second udder. She is a very special doe to me as she is our herd queen and will need to go to a very good home.

 Kidding History:

2008 July 11:  1 Doe 1 Buck

2009 May 20: 2 Doe, 1 Buck

2010 April 22: twin Bucks

2011 May: 2 does 1 buck

2012 June 19: twin Bucks

2014 tripplets (1 still) 2 bucks

IMG 0818


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