Kidding Schedule 2017

We take reservations on kids once a due date is posted. please read our reservations policy. Nigerian Dwarfs have multiple births, some times up to 4 or 5 kids at a time, usually 2-3. Nubian Goats have multiple births as well,  usually 2, but can be more. Limit 2 does & 2 buck/wethers reservation out of each breeding. 

Nubian Goats (ADGA Registered): Does $400, Bucks $450, Wethers $150

Dam/ Sire                                        Due Date                    Reservations

Dandelion /Bachelor Button     Born March 10th Quads. 1 doe (PC) Gray boy (TS) 2 boys sold Ryan.

Camomile /Bachelor Button        Born March 9th  1 does (PC),brown doe (AV) 1 wether (PC).

Flower /Bachelor Button                Born March  20th.  2 wethers sold Ryan                   

Calamity Jane/Eclipse                      Born 3/5/17       both boys reserved Kelli.

Annie Oakley/Eclipse                       Born March 8th                 wether Sold (Gabby)

Forest/Bachelor Button                   Born March 9th                1 doe (SRF)

Virginia/Eclipse                            Born  March 23ed     1 wether (VP) 

Carolina/Bachelor Button        born March 23ed              1 doe (VP) 1 doe (SRF)

Gingham//Eclipse        Born 3/8/17               1 doe (Gabby), 2 wethers (PC) 1 wether for reserved Kelli 

Nigerian Dwarf Goats (ADGA Registered): Does $400, Bucks $450, Wethers $150

Dam/ Sire                                        Due Date                    Reservations

Harvey Girl/Kentucky                        April 29th      2 wethers for sale. $150 each.                       

Peanut Butter Cup/Kentucky       April 18th 1 doe 1 buck.    1 doe reserved (DF) 1 wether for sale $150

Cinnamon*/Kentucky                           April 28th.             1 doe ($300) 1 boy ($150) 

Sophia/Kentucky April 15th (4 boys, 1 girl)  1 doe (DF)   2 wether (VP) 1 wether (TG) 1 wethers for sale $150                    

Grace/Kentucky               April 16th            2 wethers for sold 1 for sale   $150                       

Kid Photos

Nigerian Dwarf Babies!

April 15th, our first timer Sophia had 5! All very cute and different looking. The doe in the first photo is spoken for (DF) and 2 wether (second and third photos) reserved (VP) But the other 2 boys are for sale as wethers $150 each.


Grace had quads. There were three healthy boys and a sadly a sill born doe kid. The three males are very lively and beautiful! 2 sold, 1 for sale as a wether ( 1st photo) $150. They are on the bottle and ready for new homes now.

IMG 5363
IMG 5346
IMG 5351

Peanut had her twins on the 18th. One beautiful white and orange doe (sold) and 1 cute orange wether for sale $150.

IMG 5343
IMG 5359

Cinnamon had a very cute doe and boy kid born. 4/28/17

IMG 5439
IMG 5443

Harvey had two boys born 4/30/17

IMG 5451

Calamity Jane/Eclipse   Twin bucks born 3/5/17 for sale Buck price $450, Wether price $150. These boys are from one of my best and favorite milking does. They have a full sister on the farm Dandelion who is due to kid for her first time. She is a large lovely 2 year old doe , and I believe ether of these boys would make a great heard sire. The one with the white patch is larger than the darker black spotted guy.

IMG 1168
IMG 1171 2

Gingham//Eclipse  My first set of Quads were born 3/8/17, and Gingham did wonderful! She is a good mom and is loving each one.  2 boys (sold PC), 1 doe ( sold Gabby). Brown and white boy will be for sale at 8 weeks old dam raised $450 buck, or $150 wether. 

IMG 1265

Dandelion /Bachelor Button  3/10 Another set of Quads, and they look very similar. 3 boys and 1 doe. I will get photos up soon. She is being s good mom and taking good care of them. 2 boys sold Ryan.  Doe (sold PC)( 1 wether sold).

IMG 1231 2
IMG 1322 2
IMG 1223

*Dam is not registered so there babies will not come with ADGA paperwork, Though they are pure bred, and born on our farm. This means you can not show them and their babies if you breed will not be able to be registered. No bucks for sale out of them, and doe price is $300, wether price is the same $150.

***Goats need to be in the company of other goats, thus we only sell to people who already have goats or who are buying at least two. Wethers are great pets and Nigerian wethers can be shown at NDGA shows. This makes them a perfect project for kids, or companion for a home milk doe.***


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