Warner Ranch Virginia

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Warner Ranch Virginia


Warner Ranch Virginia

Date of Birth: 6/4/09

Dam: Warner Ranch Dory

Sire: Alma De Luna Mac Daddy

Color: Black with tan trim and random white.


Kidding History

2011 April 23d Doe Twins

2012 April 28th triplets 2 does 1 buck

2013 June 11th Twin 1 doe and 1 duck

2014 April 4th twin bucks

2015 Feb 26th triplets doe

2016 single buck


Virginia has one of the prettiest heads I have seen in a nubian. Her Roman nose is pronounced and her ear placement is great.  She is a big girl and has a lot of body capacity. I am really pleased with her  udder, it is very well attached and has great capacity and nice  MSL. She is the friendliest goat ever! She loves strangers and our family too. She especially loves eating blond hair, so my poor son wesley has to watch out when he is in the goat pen.

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