Stud Service

We have a few lovely males that we use on our farm for breeding. We keep ADGA paperwork on them and can offer breeding to people who keep does but don't have a male or want to mix up their genetic in their herds.


All Goats Must be CAE and CL negative and have current paperwork for a test. I like to have the test emailed to me 1 week prier to service.

All goats that are brought to the farm for service must have collars.

Does must be in excellent health and have their hooves trimmed.


Driveway breeding. $50.

$65 Stud Service (includes up to one week boarding)

$3/per day extra day charge.

Customers: will receive a service memo for ADGA for both breeds, and AGS for Nigerians only. If the doe comes back into heat that season it can be brought back for a second try with only the extra day charge (if she stays on the farm). If the does continues to come back into heat, and needs a third service the entire service charge of another $65 is required. There are no refunds for stud service.

Take a look at our buck page to see descriptions and pedigrees of our bucks.

Nigerian Studs

Stellar Jay


Nubian Studs


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