Peanut Butter Cup 


Peanut Butter Cup 



July 11th 2008


AMF Peanut Butter Cup

Date of Birth: 7-11-2008

Dam: AMF Gravenstein Apple

Sire: Old Mountain Farm Dan Seur

Color: a  orange with white markings

“Peanut” is a cute Doe with lots of spunk. She can be found doing kick jumps off the play structures, and running all over the hill side. Peanut also has extremely pliable-dairy skin. Peanut is the Daughter of the Junior Champion Buck at the 2008 AGS Nationals, and I really like how he improved the dairy characteristics in her.

Her first freshening udder is really good with a nice MSL and larger teets than her Dam. She milks down completely.  Photo below of first freshining udder. I was so pleased that I bought her sire Dan, that fall for breeding.


Kidding History:

2009: June  7th single doe

2010: April 21 triplet bucks

2011: May 8th twin bucks

2012: Twin Bucks

2013 Twins 1 doe 1 buck

2014 1 doe 1 buck

2015 Twins; 1 doe (cinnamon)  +( 1 still).

2017 twins: 1 buck 1 doe

2018 Twins: 1 doe, 1 buck





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