Mabie’s Farm Carolina


Friday, January 9, 2009

Mabie’s Farm Carolina


Mabie’s Farm Carolina

Date of Birth:  1/9/09

Dam: Mabie’s Farm Quinn’s Raven

Sire: Anin’s Captain Morgan

Color: Brown with white patches.


Kidding History

2010 Single Buckling

2011 buck/doe Twins

2012 April 23rd twin bucks

2013 June 19th twin 1 doe 1 buck

April 2014 Twin Doe Buck

Feb 2015 Twin Doe/Buck (doe retained on our farm Flower)

 Carolina is our first Nubian doeling. She is beautiful and extremely sweet. It was kinda love at first sight, now I have many Nubians.

Her first freshening utter had long plump teets that are symmetrical. The capacity was very good and improved with her second freshining. Photos to come soon. Before she kidded this spring we had a very special moment when I was giving her a pre kidding hair cut. My pregnant stomach was pressed up ageist hers and I felt a kick, but this time it was not from the inside, it was her baby kicking me from the outside. 2011 update, her daughter from April 2011 took a Junior Grand Champion (yeah Stella!)

Funny Farm Story March 2009

The first week I had Carolina I dropped her off at my parents (her grandparents) house for the weekend. She was still on the bottle and I had to work long days so I thought that she would be happier there. My father went out to the barn to feed her her night time bottle, which she drank down quickly and then he returned to the house. He opened the microwave, and to his surprise found the Lagunitas IPA beer bottle filled with milk. That when he realized that he had grabbed his own icy  cold draft from the counter and feed her the beer instead of her Milk. He was horrified and took her out on a midnight sobering walk, hoping that he hadn’t killed my little baby. This is only a funny story because she was fine and now I have the joke “thats the last time I leave one of my kids with my parents, my father gave my 6 week old a beer.






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