Reservation Policy

 Sales Policy


    A $50.00 non refundable deposit will hold a reservation on a goat. If the desired gender is not born, then the deposit can be transferred to a different kid (if available) or refunded. All kids will be bottle feed and need to be picked up within two weeks after they are born. A $3/day boarding charge will applied to each reserved kid that is on the farm past two weeks. If your are reserving multiple goats and are hoping to pick them up at the same time, it is a good idea to reserve kids that have close due dates. Full payment is due at the time of pick up. No kid will leave our farm without full payment.

 Goat kids can be fed whole cow’s milk and can be weaned at 8 weeks. Goats need to be in the company of other goats, thus we only sell to people who already have goats or are are buying at least two. We offer a 4H discount of $25 off on wethers and does.


    I will hold a reservation made by phone or email for 7 days while allowing your  deposit to arrive by mail. If no payment is received, the next person in line will be contacted and your reservation request nullified.  The buyer will be contacted to arrange for pick up once the kid is born.  If you reserve a kid, place a deposit and then become unreachable, that kid will be held until it is ready to go at which time, if you have still not contacted me, the kid will be offered for sale to the next person in line and your deposit will be forfeited.  Please make sure that we have a current phone number and/or email address for you. 


    Kids that are not reserved prior to birth will be put on the sales page of this website and can be held by deposit until they are ready for their new homes. Occasionally I have adult does and bucks for sale and these too will appear on the sales page, and be sold deposit-to-hold basis.


    When picking up a goat, make sure you have a proper carrier. For kids, a small to medium dog crate will work, and large crates will hold adults. Boxes tend not to work so well. (I have held a kid on my lap for a 2 hour drive, she was very cute, but I did get peed on)


    All goats will come disbudded with registration paperwork.  Split Rail Farms is a member of AGS and NDGA, and ADGA. Wethers will not come wethered, and will be the responsibility of the buyer. (They should be 7-9 weeks before they are wethered, which I am willing to do if you bring them back over for a visit)


    Checks can be made out to Split Rail Farm, and sent to 110 Goodwin Lane, Penngrove, CA, 94951. It is important that you email me at to ask if a reservation is available before sending a check, as our website information might be out dated and a reservation already made.  Like noted on the kidding schedule, in most cases the first choice doe kids are retained for our herd.  Bucks will not be available unless listed on the kidding schedule.


    Our goal is to provide a healthy, well socialized animal that you will be pleased in purchasing. The entire herd is CAE negative. We strive to find home that utilize each animals specific potential, whether it be for show, milking, breeding characteristics, or for a wonderful pet that will be a part of your lives for a long time.


Feel free to e-mail me with any questions.


Please note:

We do not guarantee height on any kid sold.

We do not sell any goats for meat.

We do not not ship goats.



This is how I transport my goats, in my Volvo station wagon. In there are Huckleberry and Apple.

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