Livestock For Sale

Nigerian Dwarf and Nubian Goats are for Sale March-May. Take a look at our kidding schedule to see due dates and breeding pairs.

We sell 4 month old hens, that are about to start laying. For the year of 2020 we are assigning time slots for each customer starting at 10 am each sale day. Please contact us to get a time slot. Sorry, we don't hold birds or do preorders. 

$40 each.

*Please Follow the Sonoma County Social Distancing Requirements when visiting the farm.

September 12th: Welsummers, Americaunas, Black Australorps, Brown Leghorns.

October 10th Breeds:  Speckled Sussex, Cream Legbar, Blue Wyandotte, Golden Sexlinks.

November 21st: Blue Andalusians, Olive Eggers, Barnvelder, Speckled Sussex, Salmon Faverolle, New Hampshire Reds. 

**Please bring dog crate or good large cardboard box to take home your chickens*** 

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