Livestock For Sale

Baby goats being born April-May 2020. We have a Nubian wether or bucks that will be ready for new homes early May. We will have a few moe Nubians born this year, and also some Nigerian Dwarfs being born late April to early May.

We sell 4 month old hens, that are about to start laying. We sell the birds on a sale day once they reach 4 months of age. Sorry, we don't hold birds or do preorders.

$40 each. Due to Limited supply and high demand, we are limiting families to 4 chickens per sale day.

September 12th: Welsummers, Americaunas,Black Australorps

October 10th Breeds:  Speckled Sussex, Cream Legbar, Blue Wyandotte, Golden Sexlinks.

November 21st: Blue Andalusians, Olive Eggers, Speckled Sussex, Salmon Faverolle, New Hampshire Reds. 

*Please Follow the Sonoma County Social Distancing Requirements when visiting the Farm.

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