Livestock For Sale

Chickens For Sale October 8th (5 month old chickens) 10-12pm. No apt needed.  and Nov 2017 (date of sale will be posted soon). Look at our chicken page for details. 

Piglets. Born July 2nd. Piglets. Getting big, probably ready for butcher in Feb $200 now but will increase with age. Heritage old spot breed.

Goats: 1 female boer goat mix yearling. Hand raised and very people social. Could be bred. She has horns: $250.  She would make a good companion animal, pet or breeder. She was hand raised by my kids as a pet, we will not see her for meat.

Sheep & Lambs

Black welsh Mt Sheep. Breeding flock 1 ewe ($250) and 1 Adult unrelated Ram ($200).

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