We sell 4-5 month old hens, that are about to start laying. We sell the birds on a sale day once they reach 4 months of age. after that what ever birds are left over we sell by appointment. Sorry, we don't hold birds or do preorders. On The Open Sale Day no appointment needed. 

$40 each.

Open Sale Days:

May Sat 23rd 10-12pm.                                                  Breeds: New Hampshire Reds, Delawares.

June 6th Sale Day  Breeds: Black Australorps, Americauanas, Buff Orpingtons,

September 19th Breeds: Welsummers, Americaunas, Salmon Faverolle, Brown Leghorn.

**Please bring dog crate or good large cardboard box to take home your chickens*** 

Sold Out Until May 2020

  General Information about our Chickens

 We raise chicken breeds that are best suited for backyard laying flocks.  The breeds that are hearty have good steady laying ability and are successful at foraging. Most breeds that I raiseare dual-purpose, on the larger side and lay for longer time than some of the “production breeds” I also like to have some breeds that are rare and/or heritage breeds that add color and beauty to a flock.  We believe that preserving endangered breeds of livestock is important. Many of the breedswe select are listed with the American Breed Conservatory.

We have selected some dual-purpose breeds and some Mediterranean laying breeds, along with some for the wholerange of egg colors. It is always nice when you have eggs in a basket on your counter, or give some to your neighbor and friends to have interesting fun colors. 




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