Border Collies

Rosie is a wonderful dog, and has been a joy to have around the farm. She is great with our children and animals. She is an the calm side of border collies and loves to be around the animals but can also lay at our feet while we sit in the back yard. She was born in March 2014. Rosie had her first litter Jan 2017. She was a great mom and we kept a beautiful brown girl with green eyes. Her name is Prairie. Wesley my 3 year old fell in love with Prairie the moment she was born. Prairie is very sweet and loves being a farm dog, she watches the sheep and chickens all day long. She also loves to wrestle with her mom Rosie and her “uncle” Toby (my big black lab mix) She is 6 month old now and is learning all sorts of commands that are needed on the farm. “Out the Gate”  and “sit” are her best trick so far. My mom and dad fell in love with one of the black girls and took her home to be their pup, her name is Cypress (after the large tree that fell and missed crushing our home, the night that the pups were born) She is very well loved and is a sweet playful pup. She loves to be in cars and go on runs with my dad. She has very long legs and tail and very dainty looking. 

We plan to breed our border collies dogs in the future. We may have spring 2020 puppies from Rosie.

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Moxie herding
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